The new development of the Virtual Keyboard is based on a new patent, that makes the old Senseboard patents obsolete.

The new technology measures the position of the fingertip relative to the hand. This actually makes it possible to have two degrees of freedom per finger (actually three or even four). Each finger has three joints and thus three degrees of freedom and the first joint actually has two degrees of freedom.

The new development will result in the first produced units of the Virtual Keyboard

  1. Alfa-version, using Senseboard caseing and new electronics for the sensors
  2. Beta-version, using new adapted casing with some of the electronics outside the casing
  3. The Limited Explorer Edition, a complete pair of units. for real tests
  4. and finally a series of units  – The Explorer Edition these will be produced in a larger number but still very limited in availability

The Beta-version will target the design of the hand-held device and a first test-PCB to fit in the device will be developed. Programming both the firmware and some application software will start early.

The Open-API will be defined early, but also updated and refined depending on feedback from early development teams and early adopters supporting this campaign and naturally on experiences in our own team.

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