There are many possible applications that the Project Virtual Keyboard can be used in. The traditional are of course the primary targets – a keyboard that can be used anywhere and a regular mouse function. We regard the gesture application to be one of the primary targets too. Once you  start to use the Project Virtual Keyboard you will definitely start to appreciate this function.

Below are listed some situations where wearable computing will be chosen before other techniques. There are also some ideas for new applications, and as always this hardware platform will find other application areas that we as inventors initially did not think of.

  • A service engineer working with an airplane engine needs to reference the manual. Using his/her Google Glasses the manual can be brought up with some gestures, and scrolling, changing size or searching (using the keyboard) can be used by using the Virtual Keyboard
  • An owner of some robot, we will soon be able to have our personal humanoid robot, or at least some researcher in this area can use the Virtual Keyboard to control the robot. To give commands, using gesture to navigate into various modes and the two times ten degrees of mouse-device connect the Virtual Keyboard to the robot
  • A Truck driver can use the Virtual Keyboard for controlling the Z-lift or other parts that can be done remotely
  • driver of a forest harvester does not have to use small movements of  some joysticks. The Virtual Keyboard can be the actual input device
  • In our homes every family member has its own Virtual Keyboard (in this case one is enough) to change TV-channels, set the volume of the stereo equipment or dim the light in the apartment
  • New live gaming where your wearable computer is aware of your position, and also that one of your enemies is close by. You put on the Virtual Keyboard, and you make the move that shows that you saw the enemy first, and you will be registered a hit-point.
  • You are sitting in an airplane, and we all know that it is almost impossible to use a laptop. An iPhone, iPad or similar can be used, but you do not type longer messages on these devices. Most of the screen is used to show the keyboard. You will have the Ipad or your Google glasses to show what you have typed, are typing and the typing is done on your laps
  • In a board room you can easily follow the discussion and take notes with you combination Virtual Keyboard/Google glasses or Virtual Keyboard/smart phone
  • The manipulation of 3D models can be performed with equipment like Leap Motion, and the same functionality can be obtained by VKB. Furthermore this manipulation can be independent on location if Google glasses are used
  • Learning languages, it is proven that children can learn a language faster if it is combined with gestures. The Virtual Keyboard can easily recognize gestures and be a means for learning a language
  • The Virtual Keyboard will naturally become a gaming console, either in front of a computer screen, laptop, or in a situation of wearable computing – augmented reality
  • The Virtual Keyboard be a help for a person with a handicap like being blind or deaf. Using a sign language maybe with some modifications the VKB can recognize these and in a situation with a wearable computer the gesture/word can be transformed to speech.
  • In augmented reality more ideas of augmented reality can be found

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